Parish Leadership

St. Andrew’s is blessed with a leadership and ministry team made up of clergy, staff and volunteers who conduct both the day-to-day activities of the church and support the many facets of its congregational life. Our parish leadership includes a Rector, Staff (Sexton), Senior and Junior Wardens, Bishop’s Committee Clerk and Treasurer, and is supplemented by the heads of various committees, commissions, and lay ministries.


The Rev. Canon Susana Santibanez Coronado, Vicar

The Rev. Canon Susana Santibanez Coronado

More about Rev. Susana Coronado Santibanez and past vicars/rectors

Bishop’s Committee

Our bishop’s committee serves as the governing board and is comprised of 9 members under the leadership of a Senior and Junior Warden.


Kimball Shorty – Senior Warden
Mel Willie – Junior Warden
Lois Crosland – Clerk
Janet Beason – Treasurer

Terms Ending in 2024

Gissell Gomez
Lulu Rood

Terms Ending in 2025

Consuelo Ibarra
Mel Willie

Terms Ending in 2026

Guadalupe Espinoza