Past Rector/Vicars

Current Vicar
The Rev. Martir Vasquez

Man in green cloak standing behind altar

Martir was born in Guatemala, and baptized in 1965 and confirmed in the Santiago Cathedral of the Episcopal Church in 1983. On Epiphany day of 1986 he graduated from the Seminary of St. Thomas the Apostle of the Diocese of Guatemala earning a degree of Bachelor in Theology. He earned a degree in Art and Science from National School Jacob Arbens. A Master’s degree of Sacred Theology from St. Andrew’s Episcopal Theological Seminary of Mexico.

He has been involved in Continuing Education at the following: Theological Episcopal Institutions, Nashotah House in Wisconsin, Theological Seminary of Virginia, the College of Preachers of the National Cathedral of Washington, DC, and the University of Belize and UCLA.  In 2008 Martir did his Sabbatical Program in Jerusalem, Israel at the Ecumenical Institute of Tantur.

He was ordained to the deaconate on June 6, 1986 and to the priesthood in November 1988. After his ordination he was called priest in charge of few congregations in the Diocese of Guatemala. While in Guatemala and also was the chaplain of several institutions; the State Hospital, The County Prison and the Army Base.

Martir planted a new church in Totonicapan town, “Holy Nativity” among Mayan’s Families. In 1996 was called to be the Hispanic Missioner for Refugees Families  in the Anglican Diocese of Belize, here he built and plant three new Hispanic congregations and train new lay ministers, which three of them were ordained to the sacred order of the priesthood.

He has served in various committees; the Commission of Ministry, Standing Committee, World Mission Group, the Kaleidoscope Institute and elected as the new Latino Convener for Province VIII. In 1994 he was deputy to the General Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In 2001, Martir became a Vicar of St. George Episcopal Church in Hawthorne, California, Diocese of Los Angeles, and built a Multicultural Congregation among Anglos, Latinos, Nigerians and Palestinian Families.

Fr. Martir accepted the call to become Rector of St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Glendale, Diocese of Arizona in May 2012.

Martir married to Elena, she born in Belize and have been a very active Episcopalian. They have three children; two are twins, Donato, Valentin and Martir Jr.

Former Vicars/Rectors of St. Andrew’s

Rev. Canon Fred McNeil (Vicar) – 1925 – 1934

Rev. Henry Moore (Vicar) – 1934 -1937

Rev. R. G. Witt (Vicar) – 1938 – 1940

Rev. George Wharton (Vicar) – 1941 – 1950

Rev. Loring Emery (Vicar) – 1950 – 1952

Rev. George Sampson (Vicar) – 1952 -1957

Rev. John Becker (Vicar) – 1958 – 1961

Rev. Harry G. Secker (Vicar/Rector) – 1961 – 1970

Rev. David Cottrill (Rector) – 1971 – 1973

Rev. August W. Tuttle (Rector) – 1973 – 1990

Rev. Charles Robinson (Rector) – 1991 – 1997

Rev. Al Holland (Rector) – 1999 – 2003

Rev. Melinda Archer (Rector) – 2005 – 2010

The Rev Canon Raymond P. Dugan (Intermin-Priest-In-Charge) 2010-2012