Information for our Visitors

First, I must stress that all persons are welcome to visit, attend and worship with us at St. Andrew’s. We are an inclusive welcoming congregation which encourages and invites all to worship here. Anyone who has been baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit in any denomination whether dipped, dunked or sprinkled with water is invited to join us at our Lord’s Table to receive the body and blood of Christ in Holy Communion. Those not baptized are as well invited to our fellowship and the communion rail but asked to cross their chest to indicate they wish to receive a blessing only. 

Becoming a Member

One becomes a member of St. Andrew’s Parish in the following manner:

If you were baptized at St. Andrew’s, and never transferred out, you are a baptized member of the Episcopal Church and St. Andrew’s.

If you were presented by St. Andrew’s Rector to be confirmed by the Bishop, whether at St. Andrew’s or in one of the regional confirmation services in our Diocese and never transferred out, you are a confirmed member of St. Andrew’s Parish.

If you were a member of another Episcopal Church, or a church in communion with the Episcopal Church, it is necessary for you to request the congregation where you were previously a member to send a Letter of Transfer to St. Andrew’s. Churches in communion with Episcopal Church are the ELCA Lutheran Church and the Moravian Church. We recognize confirmations performed by these denominations, and so such persons are considered to be confirmed members of the Episcopal Church and St. Andrew’s when transferred. Our office will be happy to assist in requesting such a letter on your behalf.

If you were baptized and/or confirmed in any other denomination including the Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist or other Christian denomination, you may request to be listed as a baptized member of the Episcopal Church and St. Andrew’s. 

If you were never baptized, we will be happy to instruct you and prepare you for baptism at St. Andrew’s. Should you be unsure whether you were previously baptized, or your baptism was a valid baptism, we can conditionally baptize you. We “acknowledge one baptism for the remission of sins” (Nicene Creed).